Newborn Prep Guide


The following list is to help you prepare for your baby’s 1st photo shoot, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.

The session process will be:

  1. Family/siblings with baby (Sweet Pea package only)

  2. Bucket

  3. Bowl

  4. Bean bag poses

  • Wear comfortable lightweight clothing as the temperature of the studio is set to 28° Celsius (82.4° F) for the comfort of your baby.

  • Pack a spare change of clothes for you and baby just in case there are any little accidents.

  • Bring a pacifier – I understand that you may not be using one however they can be extremely helpful during a session and we will only use it if we really need it.

  • Bring a snack incase you get hungry throughout the session and bring lots of water!! 

  • If your formula feeding bring with extra bottles just in case.

  • Bring lots of diapers and wipes, it's surprising how many we go through. 

  • For the Sweat Pea package -- For the older siblings bring along a couple of their favourite toys or books to keep them entertained.   I prefer to do the family/sibling pictures at the beginning so Dad can take them home or for a car ride while we finish up the rest of the session. For parents/sibling pictures please wear black or white shirts.   NO logos or bold colours.